How I Redecorated My Kid’s Tiny Room for $50

We moved to a new house in August.
If you don’t know, houses anywhere near Toronto are EXPENSIVE. The house we ended up buying is nice, but the second bedroom is TINY. Twelve foot by six foot. To give you an idea of how narrow that is, six foot is the length of an average bed.

When we moved, our Daughter, W, had a big dresser and a full sized bed that nearly took up the whole room. We could barely open the dresser drawers, and with the bed, dresser, and toy box there was absolutely no room to play.

We had a super tight budget, but we knew we needed to make some changes so her room could feel like the calm, happy, and safe space it’s supposed to be. I ended up making a shopping list on the IKEA website knowing we wouldn’t be able to afford to buy her all new furniture, but it really helped me get a sense of what furniture was out there for small spaces and what would work well in her room. I essentially made a dream board for her room in the form of an online shopping list. I then spent the next few weeks searching Kijiji and Craigslist for the exact items on the list. Not only was I able to find every item on the list, but after selling the old furniture we spent next to nothing redoing her room!

The first thing we got was the KURA bed. We really wanted a raised bed since the room is so small so there would be plenty of floor place for storage and play. We found it on Kijiji for $50. The night Chris brought it home I had already pulled everything out of W’s room and was ready to assemble it. He was hoping to go to bed, not stay up all night assembling a bed in a room that the bed frame is longer than. But hey…I was excited! It was not an easy task. The room is uneven and the spot I NEEDED it to fit in it didn’t. So once Chris left for work in the morning I spent all day sawing away, pulling out baseboards. And reinventing how the bed is assembled so it’d fit where I NEEDED it to go. Trust me. I know I’m stubborn to a fault, but it really was the only place it’d “work” in the small space. It took me a lot of failing in order to get it right, but I was finally able to wedge it into the tiny closet space, opening up the room. I then lowered the clothing rod so W would be able to pick out her own clothes by walking under her bed rather than having them awkwardly hang over the bed.

The very next day I found a seller on Kijiji selling the EXACT small dresser and Trofast toy storage unit I was looking for, and he Kindly delivered both to my doorstep. Seriously. What. A. Guy. I got both of them for $50 total. All that left for us to get was a new Twin mattress, duvet, and duvet cover.

Let’s admit it…I’m the Queen of getting nice things for cheap. SERIOUSLY. I had to search A LOT. But in the end we were able to get every single thing on the original “dream” list I made. It’s definitely not Pinterest perfect…but I think I did pretty good for a space where most furniture simply will not fit. Besides what kid’s room actually looks like the ones on Pinterest? I have yet to see one.

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