I just got back from my first Canadian camping trip. The first week we stayed at a campground in Tobermory, and went hiking daily. We weren’t sure how much hiking we’d be able to do with our 4 year old, but she’d go 6km and want to keep going. Experiencing The Grotto with our rock climbing monkey of a girl was magical. But no one thought to prepare me for the fact that we’d need coats the majority of the trip. Canadians seriously think that it is normal to have to wear a FREAKIN SWEATER over your swimsuit before you get in the ice cold water? I was told we were going on a summer camping trip. No one told me to pack my winter clothes. I new. Lol you have to warn me of these things. I’m used to 110 degree Fahrenheit summer weather.

After staying on a campground for a week with a 4 year old and a dog, we were ready for some glam-ping. We took the Chichiman Ferry, and for the second half of our trip we were the sole occupants of a private island owned by our friends. The last week was the definition of relaxation. Hutch loved having free roam of the island and unlimited swim time. And Win loved exploring the island identifying plants using a book we found in the cabin.

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