We Got A Dog And The Journey Was Hell

I came to Canada thinking my introverted self would be able to make friends, even though I wouldn’t have a vehicle, I wouldn’t be able to get a job, and Chris who knows his way around and actually knows people here would be traveling nearly the whole first two months I was here.

I went on walks, but it felt weird. I’m not used to being in a city, and every time I went on walks in the States I had my dog at my side. I basically stayed in the apartment alone for months. Chris would be home on weekends and a week here and there whenever we’d have Win. But I was lonely, and you better believe Chris knew it too.

Chris suggested we get a dog. I mean who am I to say no to a happy fur ball? So, I started looking online at adoptable dogs and found Hutch. I sent pictures of him to Chris and he instantly fell in love. I started messaging a lady working with the rescue using google translate because she, and Hutch’s foster Dad only speak French. Our main concern in getting a young large breed dog, was how they’d act around young children. Hutch’s Foster Dad said he’d be great around a four year old, so we decided to go meet him.

Chris never thought to ask me where Hutch was…lol. I don’t know the names of cities yet, I haven’t even driven around town. NINE HOURS AWAY. We decided we wanted him anyway.

Have you ever been in the car with your partner and the kids, and the front seats were pure tension, but you also sing along to Taylor Swift and play road games, so the kids don’t realize you want to kill each other? That is how we felt. Win had a blast on the “Road Trip!” We did not. Chris was jet lagged, and I was continuously thinking ‘this isn’t worth it we should turn around now. What if he’s horrible around kids, after a twenty something hour round trip dedicated to him?’

We finally got there, unbuckled Win, and walked over to Hutch. Win gently started petting Hutch’s head and he instantly rolled over on his back so she could rub his belly. He was so sweet and gentle with her. The trip was worth it. It was still hell, and the next dog we get will be a lot closer to home…but it was worth it.

That night we stayed in a dog friendly hotel, and spoiled Hutch all night. The trip home was a thousand times better.

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